Mixing and dispensing station

LOAD-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

LOAD-DOS is a station for automatically loading 2-component casting compounds from 200-liter (or similarly large) barrels into the containers of mixing and dispensing devices such as the 2-K-DOS.

The LOAD-DOS automatically fills the containers of the 2-KDOS mixing and dispensing device from 200-liter barrels or other large containers.

The two containers with the two components are located on a safety tank with a back wall as the support for the necessary fittings.

There are two modules available to promote the ability:

1. For 200-liter barrels with resin, the cover of the barrel is replaced with a pneumatically raised stainless steel cover that supports the pneumatic pump for conveying the compound as well as a stirring unit, if required.
2. Barrels with hardeners are generally delivered in bunghole drums. Here, the hardener is conveyed by means of a pneumatic pump with an immersion tube for the bunghole.

In order to be conveyed into the containers of the mixing and dispensing device, the resin and hardener are both dispensed with precision through a separate electro-pneumatic ball valve. The pressure hoses to the containers are connected to the valve. If required, the barrels can be heated with a base heater and/or a heating sleeve.

The back wall supports the necessary pneumatic fittings, pressure regulator and valves and the electric control box with any alarm displays for the filling level.

By means of a controller, the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing device retrieves the two components as soon as the respective container has reached its minimum filling level. An additional safety sensor in the lid of the 2-K-DOS containers protects the containers from excess pressure in the event of an error.

Additional mixing and dispensing devices can be connected to the LOAD-DOS loading station with additional ball valves and controllers.

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Technical specifications of the mixing and dispensing station LOAD-DOS :
Number of components: 1 or 2
Max. container size: 250-L barrels
Max. viscosity: Dependent on hose length and heater Max. ca. 50,000 mPas
Conveying capacity: Dependent on hose length, viscosity, and heater Ca. 2 L/min.
Input power, mains: 400 V, 50 hz; 0.7 kW
Input power, heater: 1.5KW, 2.5KW
Required air pressure: 6 – 8 bar
Air consumption: 5 L./min short-term
Size W x D x H: 1,300 x 900 x 1,850 mm
Weight: Dependent on design ca. 400 kg without barrels
Mark of conformity: CE