Automatic sealing system

ROBO-DOS Robotersystem Giebler

When combined with the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system, the ROBO-DOS 3-axis coordinate table provides a system for the fully automated sealing of modules and parts such as electronic assemblies, sensors, sealing beads and coatings. The parts can be sealed at a point or with a groove. They can be arranged in groups on a pallet to enable the device to automatically seal them, one after the other.

The device is operated with a menu-driven, password-protected touch panel. The casting grooves for parts can be programmed and stored.

Add-on units can monitor path and shot size.

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Applications of the dispensing system
  • Fully automatic sealing of electronic assemblies and sensors
  • Application of sealing and adhesive grooves and coatings
  • Manufacture of parts with potting molds
System varieties
  • Various sizes of the active area, standard of 40 x 30 cm up to 100 x 60 cm and larger
  • Clearance height 115 mm or greater
  • Table-top device for standard sizes, floor-mounted device for larger areas
Accessories and special functions
  • Holder and controller for 1 or 2 dispensing heads
  • Storage of 20 operation areas, backup to, and loading from, PC
  • Operation in three coordinates simultaneously
  • Operation in circular arcs
Technical specifications of the ROBO-DOS automatic sealing system
Operation area: Depending on device type, in sizes of
von 40×30 bis 100 x60 cm, other sizes upon request
Overall dimensions: Width x length x heit 73 x 58 x 56 cm
up to 133 x 88 x 56 cm
Product clearance: Standard 115 mm, larger if needed
Max. travel speed 50 mm/sec.
Work table height: 85 mm
Max. positioning error: 0,2 mm
Repeat accuracy: 0,1 mm
Supply voltage: 94 -264 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power input 150 VA
Mark of conformity: CE