Add-on unit for mixing and dispensing systems

THERMO-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

THERMO-DOS is an add-on unit to heat up the casting compounds for the 2-K-DOS and 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing devices. It enables the reduction of the viscosity level of high-viscosity casting compounds to a point where the compounds can be processed by the devices and can also flow into the narrow gaps in the products that need to be sealed.

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Application of the THERMO-DOS

Our 2-K-DOS and 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing devices can process polyurethane and epoxy casting compounds with viscosities of up to approximately 20,000 mPas at room temperature. Casting compounds, particularly epoxy and polyurethane, develop lower viscosities at higher temperatures. A 10° C increase in temperature reduces the viscosity by approximately a factor of 2. The THERMO-DOS heating option reduces the viscosity to such an extent that casting compounds with viscosities of up to approximately 60,000 mPas can be processed.

For casting compounds that can be dispensed at room temperature but that flow poorly or too slowly into the parts to be sealed, the heating reduces the viscosity to such an extent that such compounds can be processed more quickly during sealing. This also enables the compounds to flow into narrow gaps in the parts that are to be sealed.

Function of the device

In the THERMO-DOS option, the two material containers, the pumps, the dispensing hose and the dispensing head are all heated. The modules are heated individually by means of temperature control. The temperature is adjusted centrally at the heating control unit. If more heating is required for large material containers, a heating sleeve can additionally be placed around the container. A heater is also available for the mixing nozzle. This ensures that the casting compound is always available in a heated form with a low viscosity at the mixing nozzle, and without any lead time –even after a device standstill or interruption in the sealing work.

Technical specifications
Temperature setting: 20 – 50 °C
Temperature steps: 5°C
Temperature regulation: Two-point regulator for each module
Control accuracy: +/- 2 °C
Dimensions of control device: Width x depth x height
= 225 x 270 x 95 mm
Weight: 6,1 kg
Line voltage: 230 V
Max. heating output of
500 VA
Max. output of the
heating sleeve:
450 und 600 VA
Mark of conformity: CE

* Depending on casting compound
** Depending on type