2-component dispensing system

HOBBO-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

HOBBO-DOS is an add-on unit for the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system, with which one or two components can be loaded directly from containers placed on the ground – HOBBOCK – into the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system.

All HOBBO-DOS modules are mounted on a round base plate, which is installed on a mobile frame that can be pneumatically raised and lowered. It contains a pneumatic membrane pump for loading the component via a suction pipe with a check valve at its inlet, preventing the suction pipe from running dry when the HOBBOCK is exchanged.

Furthermore, the module contains an ultrasound sensor for measuring the HOBBOCK fill level, control electronics with a display and entry options for controlling the functions as well as interfaces for the 2-K-DOS and other devices. Settings and values such as the fill level are displayed.

When in operation, the device is run through the HOBBOCK and the base plate with the aggregates is pneumatically lowered. To exchange the HOBBOCK, the base plate is raised. A short waiting period is allowed for dripping off, and then the empty HOBBOCK is replaced by a full one. After this, the base plate can be lowered again for operation.

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Technical data for the HOBBO-DOS
Dispensing rate: max. 1.000 ml/min*
HOBBOCK sizes: 20 – 50 ltr. **
Viscosity of the compounds: max. 40,000 mPas*
Compressed air: max. 6 Bar
Line voltage: 230 V AC
Power consumption: max. 120 W
Weight: typ. 15 kg
Mark of conformity:/td> CE

* Depending on casting compound
** Depending on type