Adapter for the mixing and dispensing system

HOBBO-DOS is an additional device for the 2-K-DOS T mixing and dosing device, with which one or two components are conveyed from the containers standing on the floor – HOBBOCK – directly into the 2-K-DOS T or into their containers.

All HOBBO-DOS assemblies are built on a round plate that is arranged on a mobile frame so that it can be raised and lowered pneumatically. It contains a pneumatic membrane pump to deliver the component with a suction tube with a non-return valve at the inlet, which prevents the suction tube from running empty when the HOBBOCK is changed.

There is also an ultrasonic sensor for measuring the fill level in the hobbock, control electronics with display and input options for controlling the functions and with interfaces to the 2-K DOS T and any other devices. Settings and values such as the filling level are displayed.

For operation, the device is driven over the HOBBOK and the plate with the aggregates is lowered pneumatically. To change the hobbock, the plate is raised. After a short waiting time for draining, the empty hobbock can be exchanged for the full one and the plate can be lowered again for operation.


Technical specifications

production rate Max. 1,000ml/min*
hobbock sizes 20 – 50 liters **
viscosities of the masses Max. 40,000 mPas*
compressed air Max. 6 bar
mains voltage 230VAC
power consumption Max. 120W
Weight Type. 15kg
test mark CE

* Depending on potting compound
** Depending on variant