Product overview
mixing and dispensing systems

2-K-DOS Mischmaschine Giebler

The 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system mixes and dispenses 2-component casting compounds and adhesives with a polyurethane, epoxy or silicone base. And it does so quickly and precisely. Thanks to its modular design, the device can be adapted to fit a wide range of applications.

Product specification
LIN-DOS Vergussmaschine Giebler

The LIN-DOS S is a 3-axis linear unit for automatically sealing bars, particularly LED light bars, together with the 2-K-DOS or 2-K-Mikro-DOS mixing and dispensing units.

Product specification
ROBO-DOS Robotersystem Giebler

When combined with the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system, the ROBO-DOS 3-axis coordinate table provides a system for the fully automated sealing of modules and parts such as electronic assemblies, sensors, sealing beads, coatings, etc.

Product specification
THERMO-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

The THERMO-DOS is an add-on unit to heat up the casting compounds for the 2-K-DOS and 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing devices. It enables the reduction of the viscosity level of high-viscosity casting compounds to a point where the compounds can be both processed by the devices and flow into the narrow gaps in the products that need to be sealed.

Product specification
LOAD-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

The LOAD-DOS is a device for automatically loading 2-component casting compounds from 200-liter barrels or similar large containers into the containers of mixing and dispensing devices such as the 2-K-DOS.

Product specification
HOBBO-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler

The HOBBO-DOS is a device for directly loading components A and B from the two HOBBOK containers standing on the ground into the 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system.

Product specification
4-K-DOS Dosiermaschine Giebler
4-K-DOS adapter

With the 4-K adapter, two 2-K-DOS or 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing devices can be interconnected in such a way that up to four components can be mixed together in a static mixing pipe.

Product specification
MICRO-DOS Vergussmaschine Giebler