Automatic sealing system

LIN-DOS Vergussmaschine Giebler

The LIN-DOS S is a 3-axis linear unit for automatically sealing bars, particularly LED light bars, together with the 2-K-DOS or 2-K-MiniDOS mixing and dispensing units.
The device comprises a rail, representing the X-axis, upon which a wagon carrying the mixing and dispensing devices moves along the LED bars to be sealed.

An arm mounted on the wagon, which can move along the X and Z-axes, carries the dispensing device’s dispensing head. This allows several LED bars lying alongside one another to be automatically sealed.

The wagon’s speed, travel and dispensing routes or points are programmed and operated by means of a menu-driven touch panel.

The LIN-DOS S regulates the dispensing. The wagon’s speed and dispensing rate can be finely tuned to each other.

The LIN-DOS S can be optionally equipped with a double wagon for 2 dispensing units. When combined with the 4-K adapter, the LIN-DOS S can dispense up to 3 different mixtures, such as mixtures with different scattering or opacifying filling materials for LED bars.

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Technical specifications
Max. dispensing route: X: 6 m, longer upon request
Y: 30, 50 cm
Z: 110 mm (more on request)
Length: Dispensing route X + 60 cm
Width: Dispensing route Y + 60 cm
Height: 50 cm
Transport speed: 1,0 – 100 mm/sec.
Weight: Depending on length, for 3 m approx. 100 kg
Line voltage: 94 – 264V, 50 – 60 Hz
Power consumption: 150 VA
Positioning error: +/- 0,3 mm
Repeatability: +/- 0,1 mm