potting machine

The three-axis coordinate table ROBO-DOS, together with the mixing and dosing system 2-K-DOS T, results in a robot system for the fully automatic encapsulation of assemblies and parts such as electronic assemblies, sensors, sealing tracks and coatings. Parts can be cast at one point or with a track. They can be arranged several times on a pallet and then automatically poured one after the other by the device.

Operation is menu-driven with a touch panel and password-protected. The cast traces of parts can be programmed and saved. With additional devices, the drive and the amount of shots can be monitored.


application areas


Technical specifications

travelDepending on device variant in sizes
from 40×30 to 100 x60 cm, more on request
external dimensionsW x L x H 73 x 58 x XX cm
up to 133 x 880 x XX cm
passage heightStandard 115 mm, more if required
Max. travel speed50mm/s
work table height85mm
Max. positioning error0.2mm
mains voltage94-264VAC, 50-60Hz
power consumption150VA
test markCE

Accessories and special functions

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