Adapter for the mixing and dispensing system


The 4-K adapter enables the interconnection of two 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing devices, so that up to four components can be mixed in a static mixing pipe.

The 4-K adapter interconnects the dispensing heads of the 2-K-DOS devices, thereby allowing the two outputs of the dispensing heads to be routed separately to the mixing nozzle connection.
The mixing nozzle connection is designed in the same way as the connection for the 2-K-DOS device yet joins all four channels together in the mixing nozzle.

Thanks to the respective dispensing rate programming of the two devices, any desired mixing ratio of the four components can be produced and dispensed.

If, for example, the mixing and dispensing units are filled with a hardener and three different resins, a simple switch can enable an adjustment of three different casting types – regarding color, opacity and shore hardness. This is practical for casting LED light bars, for instance, where the first layer, directly on the LED electronics, must be soft, while the second layer must be medium hard and the surface layer, very hard.

With the 4-K-DOS adapter for mixing and dispensing devices, 2-K-DOS dispensing systems can be interconnected in any way. The mixing devices fitted with the adapter can also be interconnected for automatic casting with the ROBO-DOS positioning system and the LIN-DOS SW linear unit.